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Happy Children

Services for children (18 months - 16 years)


Diagnostic testing and Assessments

Get to know more about your child's difficulties parents & families

We conduct Assessments and Diagnostic tests for Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Intellectual Disability and specific Learning disorders including Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia.


We use standardised diagnostic tests that are purchased and sourced from the US. 


This is a critical step for your child’s journey towards treatment and intervention.


We use diagnosis as a tool for intervention and not to label your child. 


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Psychological sessions

For parents & families

It is not easy to care for children with neurodevelopmental conditions that is why parents & families should get the support they require.

We offer psychological support for parents and their families to help them manoeuvre difficult situations and have happier experiences and quality of life. 

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Young Family
Schoolgirl with Mask

Individualised Plans and Support with Individualised Educational Plans (IEP's)

Quality Care and Services

We provide specially designed intervention plans to help parents understand best how to support their child and for teachers to understand how to best work children with certain difficulties.

Plans are tailored for a duration of 3 months and may need to be revised quarterly for updates treatment information and interventions. We also support Individualised Educational Proghrammes

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Assessment Reports and Referrals

For holistic care and support

We provide assessment reports that are tailored for schools and other health care professionals working with your child. For example; the SENCO or Doctor/Pediatrician.


Referral to Speech Therapist/ pathologist, paediatrician, doctors and occupational therapist within private sector and government free of charge. 

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