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Special Education sessions 


NeuroSey has paired up with Shikshapth Educational Institute to provide education to cater for children with specific need. Shikspath embraces your child's strengths and weaknesses and provides them support to help them set and reach their goals.  

Shikshapth's mission is to celebrate the uniqueness of all students and to challenge them to fulfils their potential. Shikshapth understands that some children cannot learn the conventional way, so they teach them in the way they can learn. Shikshapth prepares children for success in school and life because it takes someone special to teach someone special.

Shikshapth provides the right teaching strategies that can help students with ADHD, Autism and Learning Disabilities such as Dyslexia to thrive in their classroom.

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NeuroSey X Shikshapth Institute 

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