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Terms and Conditions

Please pay close attention to our T&C's

Privacy and Confidentiality 

NeuroSey has a strict privacy and confidentiality policy where client information is not provided or be exposed to any other persons except the professionals working with the client or the ones the clients' are referred to.

Payment Policy

To secure the sessions all clients will need to make an advance payment of half the price or full price (for online consultations) 24 hrs before the sessions to secure the appointment.


For Praslin and La Digue clients : an extra fee of SCR 250 rupees will be added to the cost of services to account for travel and accommodation costs.

Cancellation Policy

If the client wishes to cancel a session they must do at the very least 24 hours before the session. After the 24 hours is up the deposit will not be refunded. Exceptions will only be made in very special circumstances.

Information Sharing

The clients information will not be shared with any other practitioner without the informed consent of the client.  Referrals will also not be done without the informed consent of the client. Only information that is required for referral purposes will be shared.


Information that are explicitly for the purposes of the therapeutic exchange will not be shared unless it presents as a danger to the client or others.

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